CatScarf Consultation

Not every CatScarf is right for every cat.

Enter the CatScarf Consultation. Every Tuesday I will be answering emails at offering CatScarf Consultations.

"Hmmm what exactly is a CatScarf Consultation?" you ask. It's where you teach me all there is to know about your cat ( or a friend’s ), and together we determine which CatScarf will be perfect for them.

Things I’d like to know:

  • Cat's name / age / birthday
  • Cat Measurements ( or your best guess )
  • Tell me about their personality. Are they active or lazy? Playful or standoffish? All of the above?
  • Pictures. Show me their pretty face.
  • If you cant provide pictures, give me a detailed description of what they look like. You can use the Google Image machine to your advantage.
  • Your favorite thing about your cat
  • Anything else you deem relevant.

If you’re not sure where your cat fits in, or are overwhelmbed by having to make a decision, then a CatScarf Consultation might be just what you need. Fire over an email, and let's get started!

The Making of a CatScarf

A Labor of love.


When I find a cat that inspires me with their courage, beauty, or both... a CatScarf is not a long way off. Finding a design to balance a cat's coat and their personality is the key ingredient to each CatScarf design.

Fiber Curation

Getting the right fiber for the each scarf was the coziest elimination process I've ever been a part of. Sure, coming up with a design is always exciting, but finding the right fiber is where the fun is at. Not all fibers are right for all scarves. Our inaugural collection includes mink, merino wool, silk, and super-fine alpaca; all of which hail from different corners of the globe. No fiber is without its burden, but we strive to source as eco-friendly as can be.

The Knitting Process

After the fibers and design are locked in, and I have a cat's measurements, the knitting begins. Each scarf is knit by me, by hand. No shortcuts. Knitting a CatScarf takes anywhere from 3 - 6 hours, depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the cat.


Each CatScarf is blocked to purrfection, with all ends cleverly woven in.


When a CatScarf is done, we mail it out to you with personal love and attention. Each CatScarf is laid on top of a bed of wool roving, with a personalized tag and our logo stamped on the box.

P.S. A CatScarf makes for an amazing, thoughtful gift.

O.G. CatScarf Debut

Aesop Rock: Skelethon Album Preview

The CatScarf that started it all. Fun Fact: This video was Squirrel's debut as well. He is not fazed by how good he looks. That's still his favorite CatScarf.

Special thanks to AR for his love and inspiration.

The Birth of CatScarf

About a year ago I was in a pretty dark place.

I had just gotten a cast off my wrist and was rehabilitating the only way I knew how: by knitting myself a little something. I figured I'd start off easy and knit myself a scarf. Midway through, I looked over at my cat, Squirrel, who normally lays by my feet as I knit.

Now, Squirrel and I, we have a special connection – it's like we both went through a game of Jumanji and he was turned into a cat but the game never ended so he's stuck as cat ( a win in my eyes ). 

But something about him wasn't quite right. Sure he looked good, but did he look great? More importantly, did he feel great? Did he believe me when I told him he was the most handsome cat around? No. He was in this dark place with me. I knew right away what had to be done. Squirrel needed a scarf and he needed it yesterday. I began to knit what would become the first CatScarf. 

Once I draped that scarf around Squirrel's furry neck, I saw a change immediately. He went from feeling bored with his usual furniform, to feeling handsome as hell. He strutted around the house in that scarf for a week. Nowadays, he only takes off his scarf to put on his other scarves. He wears them in the boardroom, on his yacht, on his private jets, and while he plays jazz flugelhorn at the local nursing homes. 

CatScarf has come a long way since that original scarf. Depending on his mood, Squirrel chooses from The Squirrel, The Clyde, The Sid & Nancy, or whatever new design I'm working on. All of his scarves are made from the finest fibers and are made by hand by his original human, me.

CatScarf: Hand Knit. High Fashion.