CatScarf Consultation

Not every CatScarf is right for every cat.

Enter the CatScarf Consultation. Every Tuesday I will be answering emails at offering CatScarf Consultations.

"Hmmm what exactly is a CatScarf Consultation?" you ask. It's where you teach me all there is to know about your cat ( or a friend’s ), and together we determine which CatScarf will be perfect for them.

Things I’d like to know:

  • Cat's name / age / birthday
  • Cat Measurements ( or your best guess )
  • Tell me about their personality. Are they active or lazy? Playful or standoffish? All of the above?
  • Pictures. Show me their pretty face.
  • If you cant provide pictures, give me a detailed description of what they look like. You can use the Google Image machine to your advantage.
  • Your favorite thing about your cat
  • Anything else you deem relevant.

If you’re not sure where your cat fits in, or are overwhelmbed by having to make a decision, then a CatScarf Consultation might be just what you need. Fire over an email, and let's get started!