CatScarf Measurements

Measuring your cat is not an exact science.

Having said that, here are a few diagrams to help you out. The more accurate your measurement, the better your CatScarf will fit your cat. The only tools you'll need are a tape measure, your cat, a glass of wine, and some cat treats.

Note: If you do not have your cat handy or are purchasing for a friend, please see our size chart at the bottom of this page.

Fig. 1: Take the tape measure and wrap it around your cats neck. You don't want to do this too tightly. Record your measurement with the same amount of breathing room that a collar would give your cat.

Fig. 2: Measure from the base of your cat's ears to their shoulder blade. This will determine the proper width of the CatScarf.

Fig. 3: Measure how tall your cat is ( not including their head ). This should be from roughly the chin to the ground when your cat is standing.

And that's all she wrote! Give your cat a treat for all their hard work and write down their measurements for your next purchase.

Not sure? Buying for a friend?