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Squirrel's Corner: Real Talk

Hey guys.

Recently I moved. Across the country.

It sucked.

I've been spending most of my days on a bed fit for a princess; it's disgusting. This room is covered with strange images that give me the strength and anger to keep going on.

There is more to be done here. Plus, I'm handsome as hell.

See you next week.

Squirrel's Corner: Relationships 101

Glad to see you again.

I'm going to teach you about something a little different this week...relationships. I believe the key to a good relationship is having open, honest communication. Watch the tutorial below for a real life example of this.

Don't be afraid to try this at home.

You're welcome.

Squirrel's Corner: Styling Tips II

Welcome back to Squirrel's Corner!

This week, I'm going to show you two ways to wear The Squirrel - and yes, it was designed for me.

As you can see, The Squirrel is long enough to fold in half, and loop around the neck. Extremely comfortable way to wear this 100% mink CatScarf.

Style Option 2: Wrap it around once, and come what may. Wear it with power. Throw it on like you just don't care.

Hope that helps you out with your styling dilemmas. You're not restricted to these two ways of styling The Squirrel...get creative!

You're welcome.

Squirrel's Corner: Squirrel Hacks III

Welcome back to Squirrel's Corner.

I've been working on this Squirrel Hack up for a while now. It's not something that I can really explain with words to mere humans. Watch below to be wowed.

And that's how you win a staring contest against the wall.

You're welcome.

CatScarf featured is The Sid & Nancy

Squirrel's Corner: Modeling 101

Hello again and welcome.

I'm going to start you off easy this week with three easy steps:

  1. Be ridiculously good looking
  2. Put on your best CatScarf
  3. Strike a pose


Still not sure? Let me show you how it's done.

"Le Tigre"

"Blue Steel"



And there you have it. Until next time...


CatScarf featured is The Squirrel

Squirrel's Corner: Squirrel Hacks II

Glad to see you all tuned back in.

I'm here to teach you all something that I've learned after living many cat lives ( 7 to be precise ). You don't need to look good for anyone but yourself.

Your welcome,

CatScarf featured is The Squirrel

Squirrel's Corner: Squirrel Hacks

Welcome back to Squirrel's Corner.

This week, I'm going to let you in on some of my Squirrel Hacks*.

If I'm not wandering around the house puking on the floor that gets the most foot traffic, I'm probably sitting around, looking handsome. For some cats, this is extremely hard work. I have devised a technique to make your cat look more stylish, all while sitting. Watch below.

You're welcome.

*Squirrel Hack: a tool or technique that makes a cat more stylish.

Squirrel's Corner: Styling Tips

Welcome to Squirrel's Corner.

This week, I ( Squirrel ), will give you guys some insight as to how I look so handsome when wearing The Sid & Nancy. Being ridiculously good looking isn't all there is to it. Styling tips below.

I'm wearing it on the dark side...

It's reversible?!?!?!

Wearing it with a twist. Literally.

And there you have it. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time...