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Model Life

Sneak peek inside a CatScarf photoshoot.

Does it get more handsome than that? I don't think so.


Squirrel's Corner: Squirrel Hacks III

Welcome back to Squirrel's Corner.

I've been working on this Squirrel Hack up for a while now. It's not something that I can really explain with words to mere humans. Watch below to be wowed.

And that's how you win a staring contest against the wall.

You're welcome.

CatScarf featured is The Sid & Nancy

Squirrel's Corner: Squirrel Hacks II

Glad to see you all tuned back in.

I'm here to teach you all something that I've learned after living many cat lives ( 7 to be precise ). You don't need to look good for anyone but yourself.

Your welcome,

CatScarf featured is The Squirrel

Squirrel's Corner: Squirrel Hacks

Welcome back to Squirrel's Corner.

This week, I'm going to let you in on some of my Squirrel Hacks*.

If I'm not wandering around the house puking on the floor that gets the most foot traffic, I'm probably sitting around, looking handsome. For some cats, this is extremely hard work. I have devised a technique to make your cat look more stylish, all while sitting. Watch below.

You're welcome.

*Squirrel Hack: a tool or technique that makes a cat more stylish.